Hack Your Happy Chemicals - workshops in emotional agility
Get Your Brain Ready for High School

Year Six Personal Resiliency Program. Students learn their personal basic brain chemistry and how to manage their different chemicals with a focus on transitions and preparing for high school. Topics covered include; mental wellbeing, social media and gaming, bullying, friendships and relationships; resiliency; living a focused and inspired life and personal responsibility. 

 This course runs in two forms. The first is as part of general school wellbeing (no curriculum links or assessments). The second is linked to the Government of Western Australia HEALTH AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Scope and Sequence Year 6 Curriculum and includes a final assessment which may be used for grading purposes at the Health/classroom teachers discretion.

  1. Corporate Leadership - Emotional Brilliance
    Learn the art of creating the vibes of inspiration, determination and focus in your work space. Good vibes come from good brain chemistry - and they are contagious. With a basic understanding of oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin you can work with your team to create a work environment where people feel vibrantly alive, committed and inspired. BITE SIZED BULLET SESSION (60mins) FULL DAY EMOTIONAL BRILLIANCE SEMINAR
  2. One on One Sessions
    EQ coaching from a practical and biological perspective. Become the expert of your own brain chemistry. Discover what lights you up, how to make stress your friend and how to conjure your own inspiration. Single sessions or a 12 month program available. $150 per session. Skype available. 60 minute session X 12 months - $1500 Reset your chemical balance and permenently rewire your brain.
  3. Hack Your Happy Chemicals - For Students
    Why do bullies do what they do? Why do we hang out for 'Likes' on social media? What happens to our chemicals when we break up with someone? Did you know you are already releasing feel good drugs in your brain everyday? Learn the names of these drugs, how you can release them more often and how they all feel a little bit different. Ideal for student leadership groups.
  4. Resilient Children Parent Child Short Course
    This course is for parents who believe that by investing in our relationships with our children when they are young, we empower them with resilience for life. Work with your child through a series of four 45 minute fun activity based sessions in a small group. Practice having conversations where you really get to know and understand one another. $150 which covers both the parent and the child for the full four weeks. Please contact us for details of the next course.
  5. How to Thrive Emotionally as a Teacher
    The workshop for teachers is fascinating as we look at what actually happens in the students' brain when you help them create a new neural pathway. Learn how oxytocin, dopamine and serotonin can become your best friends in the class room as you help your students connect, focus and feel confident about their work. Investigate your own stress response and learn how to thrive emotionally as a teacher. 120 minute interactive workshop
  6. Raising Resilient Children - Parent Workshop
    Children can learn from a very young age to differentiate and articulate their brain chemistry as most children's emotions are strong and clear. These sessions will provide you with an Emotional Intelligence Framework that you can share with your child from as young as 4. Help your child understand what is happening in their body when they experience anxiety, frustration and rage. Help them articulate and experience the different types of joy and open to profound moments of connection. Resilience for life. Please contact us for details of the next course.
  7. Hack Your Happy Chemicals
    Coach Training What is the effect of brain chemistry on our state of being? Can we alter our base chemical recipe? This workshop is for coaches who are fascinated by the brain body connection. During the workshop you will be introduced to your Happy Chemicals and their effect on different states of consciousness including anxiety, depression, contentment, inspiration and flow. You will leave with: • A concrete understanding of the four basic brain chemicals • Real-time self-awareness of your personal brain chemistry • Higher EQ (emotional intelligence) • Practical life hacks you can use to live in harmony with your endocrine system, improve your brain chemistry and bring your brain into optimum states of flow. Group Session $25 per head (minimum of 15) 4 week course $150 (email us to be added to the waitlist)
  8. Understanding Stress
    Explore: The human mammal stress response. Managing stress and mindfulness techniques. The impact of stress on brain chemistry. Healthy and unhealthy stress. When to make stress your friend. Practical strategies to reduce stress. Full-day interactive seminar
  9. Parents of babies age 0-3
    Babies have chemicals flowing through their little bodies just like we do :) Learn how to help your baby set up their brain with great baseline levels of each of the happy chemicals. Learn about oxytocin and brain development in babies. Learn about the fight flight freeze response and how to help you baby build the neuropathways from distress to peace. Practical strategies to help you children develop peace and resilience. Time: Once a week for 4 weeks Cost: $120 for full course includes all resources Contact us to be placed on the waitlist for the next course.
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